How to sign up as Recircle user?
You can sign up through mobile apps and fill up your Email, Password, Full name and Contact Number. Please enter correct email as account verification by email is required. As alternative, you can just simply sign up with your Facebook account!

What if I want to edit profile? Can I reset my password?
You can do any amendment on your profile (including password) under “Edit Profile”.

How to start Recycling with Recircle?
It is simple as ABC!

Step 1: Collect your recyclable wastes and separate them accordingly! 

Step 2: Log in Recircle app (Register first for newbie)

Step 3: Click "Recycle" button > "+" > Select your recycle category > Key in and confirm your location > Fill in all information > Submit!

Step 4: Pending for recycling buyer quotation
  • Once buyer has quoted the price, you may click "Select Quote" to accept the deal.
 # Do not forget to inform your collection time.
  • Waiting for collection
Step 5: Deal @ Collection! It is done!
# Click “Confirm” @ deal

How much money would I earn from recycling mission?
Well, it depends on price quoted from recycling buyer.
You have the right to decide whether you accept the deal or not.

How do I earn points?
Each RM1 in deal is equivalent to 1 transaction point.

How many points should I get for level upgrade?
Total TP = Total Transaction Point
Green: 0 - 1000 Total TP
Silver: 1001 - 3000 Total TP
Gold: 3001 - 6000 Total TP
Platinum: 6001 - 10000 Total TP
Diamond: 10001 - 15000 Total TP
VIP: 15001 Total TP - above

Does user level affect the reward points earning?
Yes! As higher the user level, you have more privilege and earning reward power.

Below shows the point earning conversion.
Rate – 1.00 TP: 1.00 Points

Rate – 1.00 TP: 1.10 Points

Rate – 1.00 TP: 1.20 Points

Rate – 1.00 TP: 1.30 Points

Rate – 1.00 TP: 1.40 Points

Rate – 1.00 TP: 1.50 Points
Redeeming rewards won't affect progress to the next tier.

What can I do with points accumulated? Can I exchange points with money?
Of course yes!
Once your points reach up to 1000, you are eligible to redeem RM10!

Conversion of points to cash:

Point x 0.01 = Cash Amount
(Minimum Redemption Points = 1000 points)

Not only that, you can redeem green gifts from Recircle Reward!

What if I have 1234 green points, how much money would I earn? 
1234 points = 1000 points (equals to RM 10 for redemption) + 234 points (not eligible to redeem, remain in point balance).

What are the steps to redeem money from reward points?
For cash redemption, you are required to provide bank account details (full name, bank, bank account number, email and phone number). The point will be automatically deducted. Transactions will be done in 5 working days. Once transaction is done, you will be notified by email.

What are the steps to redeem green gifts from reward points?
Click “Reward” > Pick your gifts > Enter Quantity > “Add to Cart”> Click “My Cart” > Fill up your name, collect method, address, email, contact and remarks > Redeem

Points will be charged for courier service.
800 points (per kg) for West Malaysia and 1300 points (per kg) for East Malaysia.

How to check back my recycling history?
You can view your past transactions through “History”.

What should I do if my account is inactivated?
Account will automatically turns to inactive status if you do not log in in one year. You are required to reactivate your account through account verification (link sent in email).

How to join Recircle team?
We are welcoming new members!
Please email your resume/ CV to

How to sign up as Recircle buyer?
You can apply buyer account @ Recircle official website ( by clicking “Join Us”!

Applications are subject to board approval. Upon approval, we will send you an email.
You can log in once your account is approved by Recircle.

How long does it take to review my buyer account and identity? 
Within one week.

What if I want to edit profile? Can I reset my password?
You can do any amendment on your profile (including password) under “Edit Profile”.
# Please upload company logo as profile picture.

How to start Recycling with Recircle?
Step 1: Log in Recircle app as buyer (Register first for newbie)

Step 2: Top up credit
Credit balance should be at least RM10 to view user’s request.

Step 3: Wait for user request
You will get notification for registered recycle category in your nearby area.

Step 4: Give Quotation
You are ready to collect recycle items after user selects your quotation.

Step 5: Deal
Only 5% of transaction amount will be automatically deducted in credit.

How to top-up credit?
Click “Top-up”
1. Bank in to Recircle Sdn Bhd (bank detail shown under Top-up)
2. Upload bank receipt
3. Fill in top-up credit, buyer name, buyer email, buyer contact and remarks
4. Send top-up request

How to check credit balance?
Credit balance is shown in dashboard either in Recircle apps or Recircle Portal.

How to view recycling request from Recircle user?
You can view recycling request under “Request” option in Recircle apps.

How to quote price to user?
Select on request that you want quote > Click “Quote” > Enter price > “Confirm”

How to make sure that I receive immediate notification? 
Please do turn on notification for more recycling opportunities!

How much commission will be taken by Recircle?
Only 5% of transaction will be charged in credit.

How to check back my deal history and export to excel?
You can view your past transactions through “History”.
You can access to Recircle Portal to print out or export transaction history under “Transaction” (

What should I do if I want to delete my buyer account?
We are sad to see you leave!
In order to terminate your account, please fill up details shown below in our official website under MyProfile - Terminate MyAccount ( 

I. Company name
II. Company contact number 
III. Company email
IV. Company address
V. Reason why leaving Recircle
VI. Person in charge (name, email and contact number)
VII. Bank account details (under company)

Please note that credit refund account must be under company account.

For more information, please directly contact our team

Why is my account suspended?
Your account might be suspended when it is reported under inappropriate purposes. Please refer to Term and Condition.

How to recover my suspended account?
Please directly contact our team

What happen to my credit if my account is suspended?
You are not eligible for credit refund.